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The Cretan International Community organizes day and weekend excursions, archaeological lectures, joint meals, games afternoons and other social activities.
+++ CIC member Mieke Osenga presents her 2020 calendars: see below +++
+++ CIC member Stavros Karamanis informs that this year's closing party
at Taverna Kellari will take place on Sunday, January 5th +++
+++ Coach excursion on Sunday the 29th of September: see below +++
+++ Coffee Morning of CIC Rethymnon on Tuesday the 7th of January: see below +++
+++ Joint lunch of CIC Rethymnon on Sunday the 12th of January: see below +++
+++ The minutes of the last Board Meeting are now ready ▶ here for download +++
+++ The agenda for the next Board Meeting is now ready for ▶ download +++
+++ Talks and Games Evening on Monday the 11th of February: see below +++
+++ Welcome to our new member ▶ Vakis Karahalios
who runs the Taverna Vatania in Rethymnon +++
+++ Evelyn's annual Charity Coffee Morning on Sunday the 19th of May: see below +++
+++ The minutes of the Annual General Assembly are now ready ▶ here for download +++
+++ The agenda for the Annual General Assembly is now ready for ▶ download +++
+++ The photos from the walk and joint lunch on March 11th are now ▶ online +++
+++ The photos from the coach excursion on March 25th are now ▶ online +++
+++ The Document Archive now includes ▶ year calendars for printing +++
+++ The photos from Taverna Dimitris in Sfakaki are now ▶ online +++
Thursday 12th December 2019 - 5:00 pm
Year 2020 Calendar
by CIC member Mieke Osenga
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Tuesday 7th January 2020 - 11:00 am
Coffee Morning of CIC Rethymnon
at the Kimolia Art Cafe in Rethymnon
... show all
Sunday 12th January 2020 - 1:00 pm
Joint Lunch
of CIC Rethymnon
... show all