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The Cretan International Community organizes day and weekend excursions, archaeological lectures, joint meals, games afternoons and other social activities.
Wednesday the 10th of December, 2014
Hike to Roussospiti
CIC Treasurer Ralph Krüger arranged for us this hike from Rethymnon-Kastelakia via Agia Irini to Roussospiti.
At Agia Irini we had a tour of the nunnery there, and at Roussospiti we met our non-hiking members in Taverna Mylonas for a late joined lunch.
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Sunday the 6th of April, 2014
Excursion to the Milopotamos
CIC Vice President Ingo H. Dietrich arranged this carpool excursion for us. In Axos, Georgios Koutantos showed us his Wooden Sculptures Museum.
In Anogia we visited Georgios Skoulas in the museum of his father Alkibiadis, and had our coffee break in the kafenion of his brother Michail.
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Tuesday the 1st of April, 2014
Kath's Goodbye Dinner
Former CIC Secretary Kath Walls decided to return to England.
Just before leaving she met with friends for dinner at Taverna Toscana (which does not exist anymore).
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